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Family Awarded over $4 Million in Birth Injury Case

Earlier this month in Bibb County, Georgia, a family was awarded a $4.3 million jury verdict in a case alleging medical malpractice on the part of the woman’s pre-natal physicians. According to one local news source, the trial spanned eight days, and the verdict was handed down after 2.5 hours of deliberation.

Evidently, the woman was receiving pre-natal care from the two defendant doctors. Midway through her pregnancy, the woman underwent an ultrasound that showed a change in her cervix that required medical treatment. However, according to the allegations, the defendant doctors failed to provide the necessary medical care.

Later that week, the woman called one of the defendant doctors, explaining that she had noticed a dark vaginal discharge. The doctor informed the woman that, after examining the ultrasound, she likely had a shortened cervix and should get checked out at a hospital. The woman did so, and, according to the lawsuit, the baby was healthy at this point.

While at the hospital, the woman’s condition was still being monitored by her pre-natal team, who, according to court documents, failed to recognize a developing medical situation that ultimately resulted in the woman experiencing significant pain and the child dying immediately after delivery. Had action been taken sooner, the complaint alleged, the child’s life would likely have been spared.

After deliberating, the jury found that the two defendant doctors were negligent and awarded the family $4.3 million in damages. The award amount consisted of $3.5 million for the wrongful death of their child, $600,000 for the pain and suffering of the mother, and $200,000 for the pain and suffering of the child, payable to the parents as administrators of the child’s estate. There were also amounts included for medical bills and burial expenses.

Birth Injury Lawsuits and Determining Liability
In many medical malpractice and birth injury cases, pinning down exactly which parties were responsible for the negligence and ensuing harm can be difficult. This is because in complicated medical situations there are often multiple parties involved, each with different but often overlapping roles. As a result, a birth injury plaintiff may have a difficult time determining which parties to name in the lawsuit.

Having the assistance of a dedicated birth injury attorney will help make this part of the recovery process much easier and more effective because potential plaintiffs will be able to tap into their attorney’s experience and knowledge of the law. If you have recently been involved in a medical malpractice situation surrounding the birth of your child, contact a dedicated birth injury attorney to help answer any questions you may have.

Are You Seeking an Experienced and Dedicated Birth Injury Attorney?

If you or a loved one has recently suffered through a birth injury, you may be entitled to monetary damages based on a medical professional’s negligence. The skilled advocates at the Maryland personal injury law firm of Wais, Vogelstein, Forman, Koch & Norman have over 200over 200 years of combined experience successfully bringing cases on behalf of their clients, and we would be happy to meet with you to discuss your case, free of charge. There is no commitment up front, and they will not bill you for their time unless they are able to recover for you in your case. Call (410) 567-0800 to set up a free consultation today.

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