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Baby Severely Injured in Botched Water Birth; Parents File Lawsuit Seeking $35 Million

Earlier this year, the parents of a baby boy severely injured during a water birth filed a lawsuit against the hospital system where the baby was born. According to one local news report, the child was born with permanent hearing damage, cerebral palsy, and other serious health issues.

baby-boy-1281125-m.jpgThe lawsuit alleges that the health system that operates the hospital did not adequately warn the parents of the risks associated with water births. In turn, the parents opted for a water birth. During the birth, the child was not delivered on time, depriving him of oxygen during the first crucial moments of his life outside the womb. The parents claim that the child’s heart rate was not properly monitored during the birth and that he was not resuscitated immediately, resulting in their son’s injuries.

The lawsuit also claims that the health system should not have approved the water birth, given the complications that the child’s mother had during her pregnancy. Instead, the parents claim that the mother should have had a C-section.

The $35 million sought by the plaintiffs is primarily designated for the future care of their son, who is expected to have substantial medical expenses for the rest of his life. Three million would be designated for the future hearing loss of their son. Finally, approximately $10 million would be used to compensate the family for their son’s past and future pain and suffering.

Birth Injury Lawsuits
Having a child with a permanent, severe disability greatly changes the life of the entire family. Not only are there extensive medical costs involved with the constant care that is often required, but there is also the unanticipated lifestyle change that comes with caring for a child with special needs.

For these reasons, the law allows for the parents of children born with birth injuries to seek compensation for those responsible for the condition of their child. In many cases, parents are able to recover substantial sums of money to help them care for their disabled child. If you have recently given birth to a child who suffered preventable birth injuries as a result of a physician’s negligence, contact an experienced birth injury attorney today.

Have You Given Birth to a Child Suffering From a Birth Injury?

If you have recently given birth to a child who was born with a preventable birth injury, and you believe that it may have been caused by the negligence of the delivery physician, or any other medical professional involved in the birthing process, you may be entitled to monetary compensation. To learn more about how you may be able to recover for the injuries your child sustained at birth, and to speak to a dedicated attorney about your case, call (410) 567-0800 today to set up a free initial consultation.

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