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Baltimore Medical Malpractice Lawyers > Blog > Articles > Research Study Shows Increased Risk of Birth Injury for Gestational Diabetes Patients Treated with Glyburide Instead of Insulin

Research Study Shows Increased Risk of Birth Injury for Gestational Diabetes Patients Treated with Glyburide Instead of Insulin

A recently released study has shown that the growing use of the drug glyburide instead of direct insulin injections to treat pregnant women with gestational diabetes has increased the risk of their babies being born with certain birth injuries. According to a news article reporting on the study, the percentage of gestational diabetes patients being prescribed glyburide has skyrocketed, increasing from 9% to 64% between 2000 and 2011, and the use of insulin has been decreasing. Although there are reasons for the rise in prescribing glyburide instead of insulin, the newly released study has raised questions about the continued use of glyburide to treat pregnant women suffering from gestational diabetes.

2-days-old-baby-1305947The Results of the Study

The study, which was performed by researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, showed that women in the research group who were treated with glyburide delivered babies with a 41% higher relative risk for being admitted to the NICU, a 63% higher risk for respiratory distress, and a 43% higher risk for being large for gestational age, when compared with the babies of the women who were being treated with insulin. The study noted that the use of glyburide did reduce the risks of obstetric trauma, C-section, or jaundice. Although the study noted benefits to using glyburide, the increased risk of birth injury came as a surprise to some observers and doctors, who did not know that using the drug in place of direct insulin injections could put the babies at risk.

The Effect of the Study

The results of the study are leading some to question the continued use of glyburide to treat gestational diabetes. Treatment with glyburide is much less expensive than using insulin injections to control diabetes, and many doctors and patients choose to use the drug, without knowing that it could put their babies at risk. Many babies have been born with a birth injury that may be attributed to the use of glyburide to treat gestational diabetes in the mother, and negligent use of the medicine could result in medical providers being held legally responsible for a birth injury.

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