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What You Should Know Before Your C-Section

A Cesarean section, also known as a C-section, is a conventional operation doctors use to reduce the risk of complications during problematic or higher risk pregnancies and deliveries. C-sections account for about a third of all births in the United States. Although they are used to mitigate risks, they are not risk-free procedures.

In order to prevent medical malpractice, it helps for patients to understand exactly what a C-section is and when it might be appropriate. Typically, women who don’t elect to have a C-section in advance are usually given one when vaginal delivery presents risks to the mother or child. A doctor might choose to perform a C-section when one of the following occurs:

  • Mother or child has high blood pressure
  • Complications with twin pregnancies
  • The labor is obstructed

Longer hospital stays happen because of C-sections because it takes longer to heal from abdominal surgery than a vaginal birth. Likewise, they have the same complications other operations do. Guidelines and hospital protocols are in place to dictate how they should be performed and when they are appropriate.

C-sections performed in a correct and timely manner are vital to reducing preventable injury to mother and child; however, C-sections performed without a good reason and without the permission of the mother are also negligent and potentially hazardous. Negligence and carelessness in medical care can result in birth injuries and injuries to the mother that could create a lifetime of challenges for both.

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