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Breast Cancer Study

The women of this world are fighting an epidemic with the surging rates of Breast Cancer. This horrible disease strikes the young and old, and while certain women are more susceptible than others to develop this disease – it can strike any women at any time. Male Breast cancer is also on the rise and although it is not as common as female breast cancer it is a recognized phenomenon.

A new study endorsed by the American Cancer Society has found that a certain drug combination demonstrated promising results in fighting progression of the disease. The study which was performed by GlaxoSmithKline, the maker of one of the drugs, focused on the efficacy of Tykerb and Herceptin to help prevent microscopic metastasis of the primary breast tumor. The study only pertained to patients with “HER2” positive breast cancer. HER2 breast cancers produce a protein called human epidermal growth factor receptors which promote cancer cell growth. The study found a 51 percent response in women given the drug combination and only a 30% response in women given Herceptin alone.

Unfortunately, there were also reports of increased side-effects, especially with the liver. Nevertheless, it is promising news in the fight against the enemy that is breast cancer. Let us all hope that the scientist and researches can put an end to this horrible disease. For all of those women fighting this disease out there – may God bless you in your battle.

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