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Baltimore Medical Malpractice Lawyers > Maryland Childbirth Injuries Lawyer

Maryland Childbirth Injuries Lawyer

Childbirth is an exciting yet painful experience. Maternal birth injuries are commonplace even in a developed country such as the United States. A woman can suffer from a variety of injuries ranging from minor discomfort to long-lasting pain and even death.

In extreme cases, a childbirth injury can lead to a medical malpractice claim. Whether you delivered a baby naturally or had a C-section, your doctor could be negligent and cause a long-term injury. If this has happened to you, seek legal help from the Maryland childbirth injuries lawyers at Wais, Vogelstein, Forman, Koch & Norman.

Vaginal Tears

When the vagina does not stretch enough to accommodate the baby’s head, it can tear. Tears can also be caused by the baby’s positioning, being overweight, and using forceps during delivery. Vaginal tears can range from mild to severe. Some may only involve the perineal skin while others may involve muscle tears that extend down to the anus or even the rectum. TEars are very common, with approximately 95% of women experiencing some degree of tearing while delivering a baby.

Nerve Injury

Nerve damage can also occur during childbirth when nerves are compressed or when tissue is stretched. This can cause weakness or numbness in the legs, as well as incontinence.

Broken Bones

Some women may experience broken bones due to a difficult childbirth. Common issues include a fractured coccyx or separated pubic symphysis. These injuries occur in the pubic area due to the pressure of the baby’s head and can be very painful. They can take as long as eight months to heal.

Pelvic Organ Prolapse

A prolapsed uterus occurs when the uterus slips down into the vagina due to weakened floor muscles. Both pregnancy and delivery can cause this condition, so it does not matter whether the baby is born vaginally or via C-section. The uterus is not the only organ that may be affected. The bladder and other pelvic organs can also prolapse. In a stage 4 prolapse, the organ slips outside of the body entirely.

Uterine Rupture

Uterine rupture is rare but does happen occasionally. It happens during labor and delivery when a baby is abnormally large and causes the uterus to rupture. This typically occurs when a woman attempts to have a vaginal delivery after a C-section. A tear in the uterus can cause the baby and placenta to fall into the mother’s abdomen. This is a major event that can cause a variety of complications, including hemorrhaging and death.

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While babies can suffer birth injuries, mothers can get injured as well. Having to give birth to a baby weighing 7, 8, 9 pounds or more is not an easy experience. There’s a lot that can go wrong.

Have you suffered a childbirth injury? If so, the personal injury lawyers at Wais, Vogelstein, Forman, Koch & Norman can determine if negligence was involved and help you file a claim for damages. Call (410) 567-0800 to schedule a free consultation.

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