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Baltimore Birth Asphyxia Lawyer

Birth asphyxia, also known as neonatal or perinatal asphyxia, occurs when a newborn baby’s oxygen levels fall below a normal level before, during, or immediately after birth. When an infant does not receive enough oxygen, it can result in serious injury to the child and sometimes, can even result in death. Not all cases of birth asphyxia are considered medical malpractice but when the condition is due to negligence, parents can file a claim against the careless healthcare professional. If your child has been harmed, a Baltimore birth asphyxia lawyer can help ensure you recover full damages for your losses.

Causes of Birth Asphyxia

The most common causes of birth asphyxia are divided into two categories: asphyxia before or during childbirth, and asphyxia right after childbirth. The main causes of birth asphyxia that occur before and during the birthing process are as follows:

  • Reduced oxygen levels in the mother’s blood from respiratory or heart problems
  • Low maternal blood pressure levels
  • Anesthesia that causes insufficient oxygen levels
  • Placental abruption
  • Compressed umbilical cord that reduces oxygen levels and decreases blood flow to the infant
  • Insufficient relaxation of the uterus during labor that prohibits the circulation of oxygen to the placenta
  • Insufficient placenta function due to pregnancies that extend past 42 weeks, or high blood pressure

The leading causes of birth asphyxia that occurs immediately after birth include:

  • Severe anemia, or a reduced blood cell count, that lowers the ability of the blood to carry oxygen throughout the body
  • Respiratory issues that reduce the intake of oxygen
  • Shock
  • Low blood pressure
  • Lung or heart disease

Regardless of the cause of birth asphyxia, or when it occurred, it can result in serious injuries, such as brain injuries, cerebral palsy, and organ damage to the infant.

When is Birth Asphyxia Due to Medical Negligence?

Not all cases of birth asphyxia are preventable and when that is the case, it is not a case of medical negligence. However, there are times when the condition could have been avoided if a doctor or healthcare professional provided the proper standard of care.

It is critical for medical professionals to monitor a child’s vital signs before and during the birthing process. When there is an issue regarding the oxygen levels of the infant, a doctor may give the mother additional oxygen. The oxygen can then reach the baby through the umbilical cord, which could prevent birth asphyxia.

Careful monitoring of the child’s vital signs are critical during the birthing process. When those vital signs start to show signs of concern, the doctor may wish to order an emergency Cesarean section. A C-section will allow the child to receive oxygen more quickly, as well as give them a chance to receive the medical care they need more quickly, which could reduce the severity of birth injuries associated with asphyxia.

Schedule a Consultation with Our Birth Asphyxia Lawyer in Baltimore

If your child has suffered from a lack of oxygen before or after birth, you may be entitled to compensation for you and your child. At Wais, Vogelstein, Forman, Koch & Norman, LLC, our Baltimore birth asphyxia lawyer can help you prove medical negligence so you recover the full and fair settlement you deserve. Call us today at 410.567.0800 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation.

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